Credit is Everything

Your credit is your name. We are here to help people remove negative items from their credit bureaus. Millions of people suffer from bad credit preventing them from living the lives they deserve. Our goal is to help our customers restore their credit.

Please use this site as a tool to research. You will find detailed information about our fast, unique, and industry leading credit repair service.

We offer all customers a free consultation, so that they can see, what negative items are on all three of their credit bureau reports. If you have any questions and or would like to move forward with the free consultation, please submit the form below, click on our live chat button, or call us. The process is easy and most importantly it's risk free, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. See how easy it is to get your credit repaired in as little as 30 business days.

4 Easy Steps:

  • Step 1 - Free Consultation +

    We need to conduct a professional analysis first to determine the number of disputed items, the type of disputed items, etc. We then will provide a recommendation of what Price Plan would work best for you based on what is reporting on your credit report. We have several price plans that we offer to our customers based on their particular needs.

  • Step 2 - Credit Reports +

    The critical first step to rebuilding your credit is to obtain a recent copy of your 3-bureau credit report. If you do not have a recent copy, please visit a site called Identity Guard where your membership if FREE for 30 days:
    Once you have obtained your membership, send your username and password to us for your free analysis. We will cancel your membership with Identity Guard once we have completed the analysis for you.

  • Step 3 - Analysis & Dispute Preparation +

    Our Credit Repair Consultants will conduct a professional analysis of your 3-bureau credit report and identify all dispute items. Moreover a very comprehensive dispute will be prepared by our Credit Repair Experts.

  • Step 4 - Dispute Submission & Results +

    After we complete our credit repair work, which includes our professional analysis and dispute preparation, the last step is Dispute Submission. Within approximately 30 days after submitting your disputes, the credit bureaus will mail you the results of our disputes and provide a summary of the deletions.

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