What is the Cost?

The cost of our repair is based upon what items are on your unique report. We offer several price plans and we would help you find the one that will best work for you based upon what is reporting on your unique credit report. The free credit analysis will help us determine the number and type of dispute items. We encourage you to complete a Free Consultation and we can provide you with a the results usually within the same business day.

Are there Recurring Monthly Fees?

You sign no subscriptions when you sign up with Premier National Inc., therefore we put you in the driver’s seat. We work with you on a month to month basis, and you pay as you go.

What Items do you dispute?

We will dispute any and all negative items on your report, including Bankruptcies, Liens, Judgments, Foreclosures, Charge offs, Collections, Repossessions, Late Payments, and Inquiries.

How long will the items be off of the report?

Any Item we are able to get removed from your credit report will be removed permanently.

If I know someone who needs a repair do you offer a referral?

Referrals are very important to us, we can offer you a $25 referral reward, or discount their repair by $25 for PAID customers. This works great for anyone who wants to earn extra income, it also works great with family members and spouses.

How long does it take to see results?

You will begin to see results within a few days after our team completes and sends the disputes to the bureaus. You will have your own login to our portal so that you will be able to see your repair while in progress. You should see your completed and full results in approximately 30 business days.

How does it work?

The process is simple, we will conduct a free analysis, review it with you, and provide you a with a competitive price quote. Then, once you agree to move forward we just need a few documents and you will then be billed a consultation fee. Once payment is received our law team will conduct the work. After approximately 5 days, the work is completed and you will begin to see items getting removed from your reports! After your results are received, in approximately 30 business days, we will then bill you for that round of repair.

Do I need to visit in person?

No, we can do everything via conference call, email, phone, and text message.

Contact us to get started!