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We pulled our scores and are happy with the results. The initial reason for us coming to you guys was to get my score up so that we could qualify for a home loan. We have been able to do that, so mission accomplished!

Dana B. - Texas
Happy Premier National Customer­­­­

My credit being repaired was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. So many doors have opened up for me now. I’ve just bought a new car with a low interest rate and now have a platinum credit card with an interest rate that is fixed at four percent!!! Thank you PREMIER NATIONAL!!

Norma R. - Texas
Happy Premier National Customer­­­­

I am very glad I used the service, I didn’t expect my score to increase as high as it did, I will tell everyone I know to use this service, I trust it!

Veronica C. - Texas
Happy Premier National Customer­­­­

I was very satisfied with the service you all provided. You were always there for me when I had questions, always gave me updates, and I was able to accomplish what I came to you for.

Eileen J. - Texas
Happy Premier National Customer­­­­

Premier National got my credit to where it needed to be, so I could buy a home. This was even after a foreclosure. You guys were fabulous!

Cassie C. - Texas
Happy Premier National Customer­­­­

We desperately wanted to tell you , but...just received a Transunion envelope in the mail...all 13 Cal liens deleted!!!!!!! This happened in two weeks, something that we have been caring around for over 15 years!

Anthony and Cherie S.
Happy Premier National Customer­­­­

My wife really needs some help repairing her credit.

We are both grateful for how you all were able to delete over 50 derogatory items off of my credit report.

M Welch - Texas
Happy Premier National Customer­­­­

After just 2 rounds of repair with Premier National, they were able to remove all of my negative items with the exception of just 1 medical bill. I am now in a position to buy a home at a very attractive finance rate all because of the results that I received from Premier National. I would recommend them to anybody looking to get back on track with their credit.

Lorenzo G
Happy Premier National Customer­­­­

Industry-Leading Services

We offer industry-leading credit repair services backed with a 100% money-back guarantee. Our credit repair service is truly unmatchable in terms of effectiveness, speed, and our risk-free guarantee. We deliver real value to our clients by offering a credit repair service that is performed better and faster than the competition, and backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Proprietary Technology

We employ proprietary credit repair technology to help streamline and simplify the credit repair process. Our proprietary technology is instrumental to our success because it creates faster turnaround times, stronger client support, and greater client satisfaction.

Highest Ethical Standards

In addition to our industry-leading services, proprietary technology, and professional first-hand experience, we employ the highest ethical standards in the business. We are dedicated and strictly adhere to industry guidelines and regulations.

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